Empowering studios to create profitable, community-driven games, building a future of co-creation and independence from traditional publishing.

About us

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Our mission

“Enable studios to craft community-centric, enjoyable, and profitable games independently.”

We empower indie developers with capital, tools, and support to launch tomorrow's hits. Nocturne is tailored for creatives dedicated to delivering exceptional gaming experiences to millions worldwide.


Our vision

“We believe in a gaming universe where the overflow of titles sparks a revolution. A future where the saturation of games leads to a vibrant co-creation space between developers and fans, crafting hits hand-in-hand and breaking free from traditional publishers.”

This future will foster a dynamic ecosystem where diverse voices flourish and collaborative innovation thrives, allowing developers and fans to redefine gaming narratives and experiences beyond conventional boundaries.


Our master plan

Step 1
Invest through SPVs to create a strong track record.
Step 2
Leverage this track record to finish raising our first RevShare fund.
Step 3
Invest €1 billion in the indie scene by 2035.
While doing the above, work with full transparency.

How we do
What we do

Honorable capitalism

We uphold ethical standards in capitalism, balancing profit with moral integrity to make meaningful societal contributions.

Keep it real

We champion radical candor and total honesty, coupled with care. We avoid politics and ego, focusing on truth and presenting our authentic selves.

Keep it simple

We embrace straightforwardness and clarity. Life is complex; we prioritize sharp, focused, efficient approaches that make understanding and execution effortlessly clear.

Servant coaching

We're like Alfred for Batman—here to serve, not lead. We act as your cheat codes and sparring partners, ensuring your game succeeds.

When we do
What we do

S1 2023

Gaming Lab

We've engaged with 500+ indie devs to grasp their challenges & tailor the ideal model for them.

S2 2023


We've established our core team, crafted our investment thesis, and initiated compliance work.

S1 2024

Soft Launch


We've raised millions € in initial capital and are ready to sign our first deals.

S2 2024


We use Single Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) to invest. It’s the easier and fastest way to sign our first 5-7 deals.


Fund I is live

We'll conclude the Fund I roadshow next year, capping at €35m to sign 30 games.

We embrace transparency, sharing wins and fails.
Stay tuned for updates!

Where we do
What we do