Founding Partner

Arnaud Aubry

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“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Jon Kabat-Zinn





Game Design

Key achievements

  • Built 5 digital products
  • Exited 3 companies
  • Led 40+ engineers
  • Released 15+ game prototypes

On the lookout for

Individuals who craft captivating gaming experiences, enabling me to embark on adventures I might never find time for in reality.


My early fascination with computer science led me to embark on my coding journey at the tender age of 12, all the while balancing my passion for video games. Post-graduation, I initially went into the realm of security, only to be pulled toward the growing field of iOS development following Apple's release of the first iPhone. I first made some waves with Replay, an innovative video application, and its acquisition by GoPro solidified my entrepreneurial path.

Driven by this success, I joined forces with my friend Charles to establish Comet, a flourishing hub for tech freelancers. Once we’d grown it into a successful business (now up to €100M+ in turnover), we turned over the reins and subsequently co-founded Nocturne to feed our shared enthusiasm for gaming. Together, our partnership has evolved and endured, a testament to our mutual love, dedication and complementary skills.

Fun facts

What was the first game that really hooked you? What moments do you remember?

Half-Life was a game-changer back then. I was hooked by how much story there was. Learning about Gordon Freeman, Black Mesa, and all the add-ons like Blue Shift and Opposing Force was fascinating. Valve did a great job telling the story from different angles. It made me realize how many sides a story can have, which was really fun to experience.

How have games influenced or shaped you?

Playing games has granted me the extraordinary opportunity to step into the shoes of diverse personas: from the commanding cockpit of an airliner, to the meticulous laboratory of a scientist exploring alien realms, to the gritty survivalist struggles of a zombie-infested world. Each experience offers a window into lives and adventures I might never otherwise encounter. Unlike passive mediums like books or films, games transform me from mere spectator to active participant, immersing me in the narrative and allowing me to influence its course. This immersion in virtual worlds has woven itself deeply into the fabric of my being, influencing how I perceive and interact with the real world. With every adventure, my perspective is enriched with passion, imagination, and boundless enthusiasm.

Which game character resonates with you?

Joel from the last of us. I am feeling very emotionally connected to him because he reminds me that humanity lives in each of us no matter what you live or have lived. I was feeling very emotional when his daughter dies (spoiler), really understood how he could have been so insensitive in his life after that but then he meets Ellie and she helps him to retrieve a sense of humour, sensitivity to beautiful things life can bring. Joel reminds me that no matter how bad it can be, time will fix it at one point.

If given a superpower in a game, which would you pick?

Being able to fly