Senior Advisor - Investor Relations

Balthazar de Lavergne

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Analytical Thinking

Corporate Strategy


Investor Relations

Key achievements

  • Advised 10s of companies and helped them raise over 100m euros
  • Sold Semper, a secondary platform for the private markets, to Crowdcube 
  • Built a portfolio of over 20 angel investments that performed 10x 
  • Helped foster the re-birth of the tech ecosystem in France

On the lookout for

Passionate entrepreneurs that have a bold vision and a clear execution strategy. I love those that dare to envision a future that is different from what we know today. 


Balthazar believes taking controlled riks is highly rewarded in a society that praises security. He interned Rocket Internet and participated in the launch of HelloFresh in the US, then launch his first startup right after completing his studies at Ecole Polytechnique and Columbia University. He then became a partner at The Family, the leading french & european startup accelerator where he was responsible for portfolio companies like Payfit. Balthazar worked with 100s of entrepreneurs over the years and has built a solid network with entrepreneurs & investors. Balthazar leveraged that experience to start Semper, a secondary platform for the private markets. Balthazar sold the company to Crowdcube in 2023.

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