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Magdalena Buss

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“In permanent beta: learning, improving, evolving.”


Finding Cool Stuff

Stalking interesting devs


Getting hurt while failing of a horse

Key achievements

  • Helped to build a truly unique, respectable publishing label
  • BAFTA & The Game Awards nominations for Roki! 
  • Has reviewed over 3500 pitches
  • Worked on Tails of Iron, Eldest Souls, Roki, Beyond Galaxyland, Lords of the Fallen…

On the lookout for

True indie entrepreneurs who beautifully balance commercial intent with making meaningful games, and treat their fanbase as an asset that deserves nurturing and investment. 


Born into a family where military service ran deep - seriously, my father was an ACTUAL sniper - my journey took a detour from the expected. Despite the pressure to follow in my family's footsteps, I decided to dive head first into graphic design and animation. Gaming has always been my true passion, so when the chance to break into the industry came knocking, I didn't hesitate.

Joining United Label was like finding my tribe. Together we built something special - a brand that people knew and loved. Working with an amazing team, we released some truly remarkable games. Today it feels like I'm living the dream, surrounded by equally passionate people at Nocturne, and making a mark in an industry I've always adored.

Fun facts

What was the first game that really hooked you? What moments do you remember?

For me it was GTA Vice City, though admittedly not the most child-friendly choice as I was only 12 when it came out. Still, Tommy Vercetti's journey captivated me from the start. I remember being so engrossed in the narrative that I would sit in front of my PC, armed with a Polish-English dictionary, to make sure I didn't miss a single detail of the story (localisation wasn't a thing back then). What was really memorable and shocking was the unexpected betrayal of one of the characters - which I really didn't see coming... it still stings to this day!

How have games influenced or shaped you?

They have influenced many of the skills I have today: English, problem solving, strategic thinking, adapting to changing circumstances, creativity, responding to insults from random strangers... At the end of the day, I like to think that life is a game, and figuring out the rules and strategies is the way to go.

Which game character resonates with you?

Ellie & Joel from 'The Last of Us'. Their journey is truly a reminder that our strength comes from our relationships with the important people in our lives, and that living for ourselves can leave us hollow. "Endure and Survive" has helped me through the difficulties in my own life and encouraged me to hope for a better tomorrow, even when things seem bleak.

If given a superpower in a game, which would you pick?

I'd go for the ability to reverse the flow of time, kind of like Max from Life is Strange. Of course, according to the game, playing with time is usually a risky business, but I'd like to try it anyway. Invisibility and flying are also high on the list!