Senior Advisor - Finance

Younes Rharbaoui

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“So before you write, learn to think. (...) What is well conceived is clearly expressed. And the words to say it come easily” Nicolas Boileau


Financial Modelling


Trimming beard

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Key achievements

  • Ex-Partner & CFO at a €2bn portfolio value investment company
  • Co-founded an €8M early-stage investment club for startup operators 
  • Wrote a best-selling book for startup employees (in French)
  • Ex-Professor of Strategy at Sciences Po Paris
  • Part-time CFO for several startups companies and investment funds
  • Angel invested into 30+ companies
  • 1,307 yearly different genres on average on Spotify Wrap

On the lookout for

I am not a gaming expert ; but I have been working with entrepreneurs and see no difference: I am looking for individuals with a passion for what they’re building, a creative vision to give them an edge, relentless drive to execute and an ambition that’s big enough to both steer and scare them a little.


It was a clear black night, a clear white moon

Younes was on the web tryin' to consume

Some games for the eve so he could get some fun

Playing in his lounge, chillin' all alone

Then he hit the dean’s list at HEC

On a mission tryna find a job in VC

Seen a place full of founders, ain't no need to tweak

All you friends know what's up in the industry

So, he took some turns in London & Paris

Entrepreneurs needed funding, so he said "Let's do this!"

Made Partner with pride and said "What's up?"

Some founders pulled some strings, so he said "that works!"

He’s gettin' jacked, he’s improving himself

He can't believe he's handling comapnie's wealth

Investment rings, deeper rolodex

He looked at the Nocturne founders, said "Damn, what's next?"

10 years in the making, 31 in the whole

Younes is about to make your cash burn turn cold

Just got into gaming, it's a tad bit late

But Younes will take care of the finances and regulate

Fun facts

What was the first game that really hooked you? What moments do you remember?

I was born in the early 90's to a geeky, computer-loving daddy so I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. PC and PSOne were my weapons of choice back then, although I did borrow my cousin's NES and Gameboy as often as I could until I got my own Color.

I have some fond early memories of playing Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, Abe's Odyssee, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Pokemon of course… 

Yet the first game that really hooked me and had me spend countless hours in front of my PC was RollerCoaster Tycoon. As a kid, I loved theme parks - admittedly as an adult too - but I lived far away from them and rarely visited them. Being able to build one from my desk as I was 8-9 years old had something eerily fascinating that I was drawn to. The game's system was also very different from the platform/action games that I was used to: I had freedom to build my own entity, but I was responsible for the resources (and guests). Careful planning was necessary to achieve great outcomes. Come to think about it now, it must have thickened my business sense and led me to work in the investment industry 😅

Many, many games also hooked me after that one - but I guess that was the first :)

If given a superpower in a game, which would you pick?

I'll steer away from cheat codes - although flying, unlimited credits or unlimited health do sound very tempting. I have great memories of playing Prince of Persia : Sands of Time when it came out. The ability to control time embedded in the gameplay was very satisfying and fun.

Of all the resources we have, I believe time is our most precious one: what we choose to do with it is meaningful. Having the ability to control time - not to take strategic advantage of it, but to slow down moments of bliss, to accelerate painful ones, to go back and relieve joyful memories does have an appeal to me. So yeah, I'd choose Sands of Time.